Do you want to participate in the LGBT asylum research, and do you have questions about your privacy? Read the information below.


Why do you ask for my age / country of origin?

We want to make sure that a divers group of people participate in our research. We will not publish your age or country of origin.


Why do you ask for my V-number?

We ask for your V-number. We do this because the financier of this research wants proof that all participants are asylum seekers or refugees.


What will you do with my V-number?

COC will use the V-numbers to check with COA if all participants are in the asylum procedure or have a status on the date of the survey.


Will you share my answers with COA?

COC will NOT share any of your answers with COA.


Will my name or V-number become public? 

At no time will your actual identity be revealed. Your name or V-number will not be attached to any results.


Will people know what I said? 

Your responses to questions will be kept confidential.  And to ensure your anonymity we will not report any results that have less than three respondents.


How do you keep my information safe?

Your V-number will not be kept together with your responses. You will be assigned a random numerical code. Anyone who works on the research will only know you by this code. The key code linking your v-number with the numerical code will be kept in a locked file, and only accessible to the project manager asylum.



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